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Empower Your Sales Force

The best sales force of independent entrepreneurs needs the best tools. No matter the size of your company, we’ve got the solutions to take your field to the next level.


Every sales force should use the power of mobile apps to help increase sales and productivity. But first, you need the right strategy for how your field will actually use mobile tools. You may not need the most expensive, elaborate, and super-featured app.

A mobile strategy can be as simple and cost effective as having a mobile optimized website using responsive design. It may also include a mobile web app for easy report access and marketing. Of course, it may warrant a highly customized native mobile app available through Apple’s App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone Store. We’ll help put together a strategy that fits your company’s needs.

Mobile Features

  • Mobile web apps
  • Mobile native apps
  • Mobile optimized websites


Many network marketing and party plan companies provide their representatives with replicated websites that promote sales and marketing. Training your sales force to drive traffic to a quality, e-commerce website increases recruiting and sales—especially when integrated with our Sales Force BBS online marketing and leads management system. IDSTC makes it easy to offer world-class replicated sites to your sales force.

Replicated websites provide representatives with more than just a method for tracking and supporting sales activities. Representatives take pride and ownership in their replicated website—it creates a special bond with your company.

Website Features

IDSTC provides these important requirements for your company’s replicated websites.

  • Sophisticated e-commerce functionality
  • Intuitive online representative enrollment
  • Robust shopping cart functionality
  • Customer accounts for repeat shoppers
  • Representative back office access
  • Graphic design with user friendly navigation
  • Multi-media support: Video and audio files
  • Integration of existing website design
  • Content and copywriting services
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Hosting in an enterprise-class data center

Lead Systems

Lead Management — The BBS

Integrating the Sales Force BBS lead management system will dramatically expand the business building functionality of your sites. The Sale Force BBS enables your distributors to capture lead information and keep track of their contact information. It can be integrated easily with their replicated websites. When visitors request more information from the distributor’s replicated website, compelling, time-sequenced campaign messages are emailed automatically to the new prospect.

Lead Management Features

  • The BBS branded to your company
  • Marketing campaigns with copywriting included
  • Time-sequenced campaign messages
  • Campaign marketing sites, replicated for each participant
  • Integration with IDSTC replicated sites to capture basic lead information
  • Integrated enrollment with IDSTC replicated sites
  • Integration with the IDSTC sales force back office
  • Revenue generation for your company
  • Sales and training support from Sales Force Tools