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Your MLM Software

Whether your company is just getting started or has been operating for years, our enterprise MLM software systems will provide your company with the features and performance it needs to flourish. As your company grows, your system can be modified and expanded to meet the growing demands of your business.

Operating Companies

500,000 distributors… perfect!

We specialize in migrating operating companies from legacy systems. We understand the complexities and special requirements of implementing new systems while operating your business. Your business needs top-performing technology for today and the future. Migrating to a new system is always challenging, but with IDSTC on your team, it can be accomplished efficiently, on schedule and on budget. We’ll develop an Enterprise Upgrade solution that enables you to leverage the industry’s best technology.

Pre Launch Companies

We provide start-ups with complete solutions including software, integrated replicated websites, and sales force back office. We’ll get you generating revenue fast, with a complete MLM software system that meets all of your needs without breaking the bank.

The IDSTC Cloud Computing Platform

  • Rapid System Deployment – IDSTC’s platform supports rapid deployment getting businesses up and running quickly. We assemble an experienced project team along with software that contains easy-to-configure business rules, pre-packaged reports and dashboards, and a library of pre-built workflows based on years of industry experience.
  • Compliance – IDSTC’S platform is PCI compliant protecting your investment.
  • Redundancy – IDSTC provides global, 24×7 system support, with guaranteed SLAs.
  • High performance – Supporting over 500,000 users and millions of transactions a month, IDSTC delivers virtually unlimited performance scalability. Direct sellers often experience monthly and seasonal spikes and our clients consistently benefit from our platforms speed, power, and flexibility.
  • Security – IDSTC’s platform provides an industry leading security infrastructure for ensuring physical security, data encryption, and application security.

Compensation Plans

There are a lot of different approaches to downline organizations and compensation plans. Over the past 15 years we’ve mastered all of them. Some, even invented by our clients. No other company can implement your plan better than IDSTC.

Some Supported Plans

  • Break Away
  • Uni-level
  • Generational
  • Binary
  • Matrix
  • Hybrids Plan
  • Coded Bonuses
  • Proprietary Designs

Software Features

  • Sales Force Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Compensation Processing
  • International Operations
  • Reporting
  • Administrative Control
  • Client support system
  • Integrated websites
  • Sales Force back office
  • Mobile
  • Social Media Integration
  • Lead Generation

System Integrations

IDSTC is a technology partner that can handle your systems integration requirements, both for today and for the future. Often, our clients require integration between proprietary or 3rd party systems and the MLM software platform. You need a technology partner that has the experience and expertise to work with your other providers to complete integration projects.

System Integration Features

  • Enterprise accounting applications
  • ERP and inventory control systems
  • Shipping and fulfillment partners
  • Service providers
  • 3rd party applications
  • Pay card solutions
  • Merchant accounts

International Solutions

In addition to the company’s master compensation plan, we support country-specific compensation plans or payouts. Transactions display and process in the currency set for the country where the transaction took place. Likewise, compensation payouts are paid in the currency set for the representative.

International Features

  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Global downline management
  • Country specific compensation
  • Taxation
  • Country specific Inventory
  • Country specific shipping
  • Payout methods
  • International Compliance
  • Administrative Control