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Vantel Pearls LogoTampa, FL (June 20, 2015) – International Direct Selling Technology Corp (IDSTC), the leader in direct selling enterprise technologies, is pleased to announce a successful upgrade and strategic partnership with Vantel Pearls. Vantel Pearls has been a partner of IDSTC’s for over a decade and continues to advance their business forward through the use of IDSTC’s innovative technologies and professional services. IDSTC’s enterprise software platform will equip Vantel Pearls sales force with better tools for managing, supporting and growing their home based businesses across the country.

“We have developed a great partnership with IDSTC as they collaborate with us on multiple fronts,” stated Joan Hartel Cabral, Vantel Pearls President. We are thrilled about offering improved reporting and an overall friendly, better user experience for our field. Having a total integrated solution for commissions and genealogy management, personal web sites, and sales force online business tools we see major benefits partnering with IDSTC as they introduce new innovations for accelerating our growth in multiple markets across the U.S.,” states Cabral.

“This relationship reflects years of experience working together and understanding the unique business nuances of Vantel Pearls. IDSTC’s organization is excited about being a key player in managing and supporting Vantel Pearls business for many years to come”, stated Greg Fink, IDSTC’s Chief Marketing Officer.


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About Vantel Pearls

“Vantel Pearls offers a fun and unique direct sales Party Plan business. At a Vantel Pearls Party, guests see genuine Pearls come out of real Oysters- white, cream, pink and even rare black Pearls! Each is a miracle of nature, and like snowflakes, no two Pearls are alike.”