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Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

In a great article from the DSA News, the Value of Building Strategic Partnerships for Your Business, we reflect on how important strategic partnerships are for growing your Direct Selling company.

Whether it’s a mobile app, tax calculating service, fulfillment service or the multitude of other critical services that are required to run your direct selling business, having strategic partnerships allows your company to focus on its core competencies and leave the rest to other experts.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for all of your companies processes and services. There are hundreds of vendors that are official DSA Suppliers who can offer valuable strategic partnerships. Want a new mobile app for your direct selling business? Find a highly referred strategic partner that has experience building mobile apps for the direct selling industry. Want a new calendar and event tool to enhance your party plan business? There are great partners in the market with excellent products.

A strategic partner should offer great communication, flexibility in customizing their service to your business and above all else a financial contract that incentivizes them to create a long term relationship.

From the article, “In an industry where building relationships and strategic partnerships are crucial to success, outsourcing the next major project with a trusted DSA supplier can open doors and take a company’s success to the next level.”

As an official DSA Supplier, IDSTC has been a trusted partner to our clients for their complete business technology solutions. We also seek out other top performers in various services that offer strategic partnerships to compliment the platform we provide. If you are evaluating your direct selling or party plan companies technology platform, contact us today and see how IDSTC and our strategic partners can take your company to the next level!