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identityguardInternational Direct Selling Technology Corporation “IDSTC”, the leader in direct selling enterprise software, is pleased to announce one of the most comprehensive identity and credit monitoring solutions, Identity Guard®, will soon be available for its direct sellers. For 18 years Intersections Inc., the company that provides the Identity Guard® service, has been recognized as the preferred partner of major financial institutions in North America, providing custom identity management solutions. Since 1996, they have protected more than 36 million consumers.

Through the Identity Guard® service, IDSTC will provide a proactive identity and credit monitoring service that IDSTC’s direct sellers can offer as a solution to assist in protecting financial and personal information. “With all the data security challenges and rapid increases in personal identity theft we felt that it was time to offer a solution to our direct sellers’ sales reps and customers giving them some peace of mind so sales reps can focus on developing their business and not worry about their personal information being compromised,” states Ian Cordell, IDSTC’s Chief Executive Officer. “Their affordable Identity Guard® service is perfect for direct sellers, offering one of the most complete identity theft protection and credit monitoring services.”


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About Identity Guard®

Identity Guard® is a proactive identity and credit monitoring service that delivers premium solutions to help busy families and individuals take control over their personal and private information. Our services help educate and empower individuals to protect themselves from the growing threat of identity theft with premier identity protection and credit monitoring solutions. Identity Guard® is provided by Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), which, since 1996, has protected more than 36 million consumers in the US.