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This is a great article for our clients looking to better understand effective & well designed web sites offering e-commerce browsing, shopping and purchasing experiences.  We have an uber talented staff at IDSTC and one of our software engineers, Derek Stansberry who is instrumental in developing our new software platform has shared the following article.

Here is Derek’s general recap of the article, thought provoking questions and some things to consider:

  • At the end of the day – a website is a tool. The question is – how effectively are you using it?
  • OK – you can generate sales from your website, congratulations – so can everyone else – how will you convert them?
  • What about those who visit your site and do not purchase?
  • What knowledge did you gain from their experience on your website?
  • More importantly – what are you doing to learn from the non-conversion (person who did not purchase)?
  • Each visitor to a website is a lead – do you let a lead who has already sampled your product leave and never be heard from again?
  • What if you could close 10% of those ‘abandoned’ leads to close out the month?

Some other highlights from the above link:

  • 92.6% of people said that the visuals are the top influential factors affecting a purchase decision.
  • 5 Steps – The average length of a checkout process among the top 100 grossing e-commerce sites
  • 57% of those who redeemed a coupon code – would not have made the purchase without the code

At IDSTC one of our core goals in supporting our clients is to communicate and share information about our industry, the ever-changing technologies and how they are impacting  the way direct sellers conduct business.