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This article we spotted on THOnline.com highlights some of the positive effects Direct Sales can have on people. According to the article, people are more comfortable and more likely to get involved in our industry now than ever before.

Statistics from the industry group Direct Selling Association show direct retail sales totals steadily climbing since 2010, with the most recent data showing $32.67 billion for 2013. Their data shows 16.8 million people were involved in direct sales in 2013.

We believe some of this has to do with a recent trend of modernization in the MLM and Direct Sales industry. Many MLM businesses today are providing better value in their products, whether the person using them is interested in the opportunity or not. Another shift has been to focus less on “hard selling” and quotas, and more on letting representatives set their own goals. This invites a level of participation where each representative can choose to do as little, or as much work as they are comfortable with. The long-term effect of this is that representatives are more likely to stay with a company they like and eventually earn an income through it.