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IDSTC attended 2016 DSA Communications & Marketing Conference Las Vegas, NV



Another great DSA conference! Thank you to all that came out to visit with us!

 November 30- December 2nd  DSA Sales & Marketing Conference in Las Vegas!

When it comes to advancing your company’s business objectives, all communications were not created equal. 

There’s bound to be healthy tension between marketing to consumers and conveying a corporate image that policymakers and consumers understand, appreciate and trust.   

DSA’s 2016 Communications & Marketing Conference will explore the distinct components of corporate communications and marketing and how they complement one another, as well as how they often conflict.  

Come gain practical tips from thought leaders and visionaries that will include:

• Determining how your marketing and corporate communications functions can work hand-in-hand to influence all stakeholders positively

• Optimizing your social media strategy

• Enhancing your corporate reputation with policymakers and consumers

• Getting a grip on issue and crisis management

• And much, much more!

Join DSA for the best-in-class communications counsel, peer-to-peer networking and fun in Las Vegas, NV. 

Goodbye to a Founder

Mike Keller

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our President, Co-Founder and CTO Mike Keller. Mike passed away during his sleep last Tuesday morning, February 16th, 2016.

Mike has been a part of IDSTC since day one and he will be greatly missed. One of our longtime clients put it best, “Mike was bigger than life with an incredible talent, wonderful sense of humor and a ready smile”.

Our deepest condolences and prayers are with Mike’s beautiful family during this tough time.

Services for Mike Keller will be held this Friday, February 26th 2016 at Stowers Funeral Home on 401 W. Brandon Blvd (Hwy 60) in Brandon, FL 33511.

Mike’s wife Kendra and their family have requested in lieu of flowers that contributions can be made to the Michael G. Keller Memorial Scholarship at the University of South Florida. Mike was an avid and active USF Bulls supporter and this scholarship will continue his legacy of support for an organization he loved.

Please contact Kemel Thompson to make your tax deductible gift @ 813-974-1891 or kemel@usf.edu

Thank you all so much for your outpour of support and condolences. Mike was such an amazing person and we will sorely miss him. His family has been overwhelmed with the love and support they have received and want to express their gratitude to all of you.

IDSTC Family

Happy New Year from IDSTC

Happy New Years from IDSTC

Happy New Years from IDSTC

With 2015 over in less than 24 hours, we at IDSTC would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

2015 has been an amazing year at IDSTC. We’ve welcomed dozens of wonderful new clients, solidified excellent strategic partnerships and are very near completing our super secret project that will blow the doors off 2016!

As we turn the page on 2015 into 2016, we take time to reflect on our mission to become the premier trusted partner for the MLM/Party Plan industry. We hope all of you are also taking the time to reflect on your personal and business lives. A great post on Entrepreneur discusses 5 Ways to Boost Your Business in 2016

Set goals, evaluate your systems, delegate(!), increase automation and find ways to WOW your customers in 2016. Each of these are excellent topics to make sure your evaluate for the new year.

Have a wonderful and safe New Year and contact us today with any questions on how we can become our trusted software provider.



Happy Holidays from IDSTC

Happy Holidays from IDSTC

Happy Holidays from IDSTC

Enjoy some Christmas spirit from IDSTC.

The team wrapped up the bowling league title with some festive outfits and holiday cheer.

We hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is why you want an actual web team working for you

Having a powerful and elegant website is one of the most important aspects of running a business today and the MLM/Party Plan industry is no exception! In fact, leveraging powerful corporate and replicated websites is one of the most important factors to your company’s success in the industry. Corporate needs a site that’s simple yet powerful, elegant but not confusing while consultants need all of the above plus the individualization that sets them apart. This is why you want an actual web team working for you.

There are dozens of website building tools available today that promise easy, robust and inexpensive solutions for creating your own website. While most of these tools promise to make managing your website as seamless as possible, there are still many important items to consider before committing to a specific website platform. These topics are even more important when you consider the MLM/Party Plan industry and how these websites need much more complex functionality compared to a generic e-commerce store. A recent example of how these easy-to-implement website tools can be a nightmare for your business was noted by The American Genius in their article “Google temporarily de-indexes Wix sites”:

Wix’s easy-to-use site building process eliminates the need to hire web development experts, making it an attractive option for start up businesses hoping to save money. Unfortunately, because all Wix sites use one main platform, individual webmasters experience much less flexibility and control than they would with a personalized platform.

The main issue The American Genius discusses is a huge Google Index drop that all Wix users just experienced. A recent issue has caused any Wix websites to see an enormous drop in the Google activity tracking which can directly impact your business each day. Being de-indexed by Google causes your sites activity to plummet which means less visitors and that translates into less profits.

Having an actual web team working for you might not be the cheapest solution but it would certainly reduce your businesses exposure to these types of website risks. Here at International Direct Selling Technology Corporation we have an entire web team dedicated to providing our clients with the most cutting edge websites. We have experts not only in website design and user-experience functionality but also Google Analytics and other SEO tools so that your company is always ahead of it’s competitors.

Contact us today to see how our expert team here at IDSTC can improve your MLM/Party Plan website and business!

What to consider before purchasing your MLM software

Your software is more then just a tool it’s a your weapon! You need to be sure that it’s there when you need it and supplies you with all of the force necessary to accomplish your goals. If you are looking to purchase software geared towards the ever growing Multi-Level Marketing or Party Plan industry you need to choose your weapon wisely! There’s a lot of competition out there and having the proper software in place for your business can be the determining factor in who wins the war. Here are some questions to consider when choosing a software provider.

Are you just getting started with your MLM/Party Plan or are you looking to upgrade an established business?

Before you can choose the best software for your business’s needs you need to etablish your business’s requirements. If you’re an established company chances are you’re looking for advanced features that a newer company may not be ready to purchase yet. If you’re just getting started make sure you understand what your basic requirements are before you start to consider a provider:

Tools that a newer company might need:

  • Corporate website and replicated websites
  • Reliable inventory, order and shipping management
  • Company Logo and Branding
  • Compensation plan (if you have one is it supported?)
  • Marketing materials for your consultants (For example: PowerPoint presentations, printable sales sheets, auto-responders, event management, replicated websites)
  • Full support and training
  • Reliable and scaleable back office system
  • The ability to update and expand your software as your company and it’s needs grow

Tools that a pre-existing company might want to add or update:

  • Refreshed website and content need to be updated?
  • Are you still on a legacy system?
  • Will your full functioning compensation plan be supported?
  • Do you need access to extensive and dynamic report creation?
  • Do you currently have the ability to create revenue through your consultants replicated websites?
  • Are you looking to add Party Plan focused apps like Party Invites, Enhanced Party Settlement options, etc.?


What compensation plan does your MLM/Party Plan use?

Beware that there are a seemingly endless amount of compensation and bonus plan structures in today’s market. Does your company’s structure use more then one of these systems? Do you plan on offering different methods of compensation or potentially changing your plan in the future? Many software companies offer multiple options when it comes to tracking, updating and paying out compensation plans and bonuses. Take the time to research and test the software you are interested in to be sure it will work with your companies established or proposed method. If a provider is offering you a pre-existing plan structure make sure it’s legitimate! Never let a software provider talk you into using a plan that you don’t understand 100%. Your compensation and bonus plans are the muscle structure of your business. It gives you and your consultants the strength, energy and propulsion to move your business forward. Your consultants want to know and understand how they’re going to be paid. Can you blame them? Make sure you (at the very least) have an idea of how you want your structure to operate. Don’t get talked into a plan that you can’t easily explain or understand yourself.

What are the potential needs of your evolving and expanding company and can your software provider meet those needs?

You have a vision, but it may take you a while to see it through. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead. Set as many concrete goals as possible and have a plan in place to help you reach those goals. Plan for your future from the very beginning. Establish where the strengths and weaknesses of your operation exist. Consider what tools you will need to boost the strength of your business. What’s working for you right now? What’s not working? How can you improve your areas of weakness and where should you start? Start by finding a software provider who has experience and can fill your current requirements and offer you the ability to add, update and expand you future requirements. Direct from the box MLM/PP software option is not the best option for companies that need to be able to expand and adapt. If you’re looking for the ability to grow and update the methods your company uses, or create your own, look at companies that will work with you to design a product specifically tuned to fulfill your needs.

Don’t purchase software that doesn’t offer you a demo!

It’s just that simple. Always try before you buy. If a company doesn’t offer you a free demo or trial of their software they may have something to hide. A good provider will jump for joy at the ability to show off what they can do for you.

Experience matters!

Wow you got a great deal on that software ….. if only it did what you needed it to do. Take a long hard look at the background of your MLM software provider. Do they stand up to the test of time? Do they have a customer response team in place? Do they provide you with trials or demonstrations of their products? Are they easy to contact? When problems arise are they ready to work with you as a team to find and fix your issues? If not you may want to consider what you’re getting yourself into. You get what you pay for, and in our modern “buyer beware” market you don’t want your chosen software provider to be the reason your company can’t reach its full potential.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule a free demo so that we at IDSTC can show you how our software solutions can get your company on the path to success!