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IDSTC joins DSA Australia

IDSTC Joins DSA Australia

IDSTC Joins DSA Australia

We are excited to announce IDSTC has officially joined DSA Australia as a supplier member!

Your trusted Direct Selling / Party Plan software solution continues it’s expansion around the world looking for new opportunities and challenges. We are actively engaging companies ‘Down Under’ and look forward to grow our client list this year.

Do you have questions about IDSTC participating with DSA Australia? Are you looking for a premier, trusted software solution for your Direct Selling or Party Plan company? Contact us today!

Direct Sales Into The Cloud

To be able to share a product in seconds with hundreds of Facebook friends or tweet to hundreds of prospective customers instantaneously is something none of us imagined a few years ago.

With the explosion of social networking and more smart phone applications appearing daily, this is an exciting time for direct sellers to embrace new technologies and the multitude of offerings for communicating so fast, so easy, so NOW!  READ MORE »

The not-so-direct rules around sales tax for direct sellers

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Multi-level sales is big business — $178-billion-a-year big business — with more than 92 million independent consultants worldwide repping everything from clothing and jewelry to wellness, nutrition products and home décor. It can also be a risky venture, with higher-than-average failure rates and complicated tax compliance rules.

For starters, who is responsible for reporting sales tax? That depends. Some states require each independent consultant selling in that state to register to collect and remit sales tax. Others offer a tax collection agreement where the direct sales company can do this on behalf of their consultants. State rules vary on collection, reporting and remittance as well as on annual income, commissions and sales thresholds for compliance. Direct selling organizations must also obtain reseller permits and track exemption certificates for any wholesale transactions to their independent consultants.


Some thoughts on effective & well designed ecommerce

This is a great article for our clients looking to better understand effective & well designed web sites offering e-commerce browsing, shopping and purchasing experiences.  We have an uber talented staff at IDSTC and one of our software engineers, Derek Stansberry who is instrumental in developing our new software platform has shared the following article.


Direct Sales Industry Sees Recent Surge

This article we spotted on highlights some of the positive effects Direct Sales can have on people. According to the article, people are more comfortable and more likely to get involved in our industry now than ever before.

Statistics from the industry group Direct Selling Association show direct retail sales totals steadily climbing since 2010, with the most recent data showing $32.67 billion for 2013. Their data shows 16.8 million people were involved in direct sales in 2013.


The Social Media Convergence of Personal & Business Connections

Social-media-and-mlm-software-2We recently attended a direct selling conference focused on the growth of small business on the social platform, Facebook.  Dan Levy who is the Global Vice President for Facebook small business shared some fascinating insights related to how small businesses are leveraging various tools to effectively market, sell and convert customers.  Here are a few pearls he shared with the audience:

  • As of January 2015 there were over 1.3 billion people on Facebook with the fastest growing segment being mobile users.
  • Over 703 million people use mobile devices every day for accessing Facebook.
  • More than ever the lines between personal and business communications, and sharing of information are becoming blurred on Facebook.
  • Small businesses are beginning to take advantage of Facebook ad campaigns which are simple, free to use and powerful.  In addition, there is also a business version that presents richer marketing tools for promoting a business.
  • Home based business owners are beginning to experience conversion results related to their social and mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Out of 30 million business users on Facebook 1.5 million actually do advertising on a monthly basis.
  • More users are leveraging mobile apps to drive marketing campaigns or “mobile marketing”.

Categorically, you could say direct sellers are small businesses and many are already taking advantage of some of these powerful tools leveraging a “warm audience” network. IDSTC has integrated social plug-ins into our ecommerce software to multiple social platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few. Using our ecommerce software both customers and sales reps can share, inform and connect with their networks with a simple click/tap of a button. Most importantly when a sales rep posts to the wall of their social network and individuals within their network respond it connects them to the sales rep’s personal marketing site. The sales rep’s personal marketing site offers a full suite of capabilities like shopping, join, host a show or party, ultimately generating a warm lead that could turn into a sale, a new recruit or possibly a party or show host.

One of the benefits of social media advertising is that it’s flexible and better able to accommodate budget constraints than traditional media. By targeting your ads strategically, you can achieve much greater efficiency than any billboard. Businesses with small advertising budgets can also use Facebook boost posts to target your posts to the right audience in order to increase your reach.

However, as it relates to developing a social media strategy be aware that Facebook is constantly evolving attempting to provide audiences with the best overall experiences. In 2015 they have announced new rules that will impact organic posts that are overly promotional and push people to act or buy something or reuse the same content from ads. The best approach is to educate, inform and engage your audience and don’t’ sell on Facebook. Know who your audience is by using Facebook Insights to find out the demographic breakdown of your audience. This data is useful as it provides insight about content that resonates the most with your audience, and what communication style your audience responds to the best.

At IDSTC one of our corporate wide goals in supporting our clients, is to communicate and share information about our industry, ever-changing technologies and how they are impacting and changing the way direct sellers conduct business.  If interested please do not hesitate to contact me I can be reached at 360-907-2332 or

IDSTC Participates in the 14th WFDSA World Congress

WFDSA Conference in RioThe 14th WFDSA World Congress was held November, 2014 in the beautiful and dynamic city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  The meeting was entitled: “Direct Selling – The Original Social Network” and was attended by over 400 direct selling executives representing over 55 different countries.

IDSTC has several global clients and many others looking to expand internationally and this presented an opportunity that only comes around once every three years and gave us an opportunity to network and learn from executives from some of the top direct selling companies in the world.  Several topics revolved around technology and how its role in society is blurring the lines of social and business relationships.  Other discussions included the future of direct selling in a borderless world, and a call for direct sellers to be better prepared to embrace new software platforms and technology tools or they will get left behind. READ MORE »